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NSW ARB and ARBV publish "Deep Dive Report" on Architecture Sector Risks

New report highlights systemic risks in the Australian architecture sector and provides actionable recommendations for improvement.

The NSW Architects Registration Board (NSW ARB) and the Architects Registration Board of Victoria (ARBV) are proud to announce the release of the "Deep Dive Report on Systemic Risks in the Australian Architecture Sector." This report combines comprehensive research and insights from focused group discussions to highlight and address the critical systemic risks impacting the architecture profession in Australia.

Comprehensive Analysis and Key Findings

The "Deep Dive Report" builds on the foundational research conducted in 2022, which identified significant systemic risks within the sector. Through a series of focus groups held in 2023 with architects, industry representatives, clients, developers, insurers, and regulatory bodies in NSW and Victoria, the report delves deeper into these risks, providing a nuanced understanding of the challenges and offering actionable recommendations.

Key Focus Areas:

    • Client-Architect Relationships: Exploring the dynamics and challenges in professional interactions.
    • Design & Construct Procurement: Identifying procurement practices and their impact on quality and compliance.
    • Compliance with the National Construction Code: Addressing the complexities of adhering to national standards.
    • Disruptive Change: Understanding the effects of technological and market changes on the profession.

Importance and Impact

The report emphasises that without proactive measures, these risks could lead to adverse outcomes for the entire industry. Effective mitigation requires a coordinated effort involving various stakeholders, including industry bodies, educational institutions, research organizations, and government agencies. The report's recommendations are designed to foster improvements in practice, policy, and education, ultimately benefiting architects, clients, and the broader community.

Accessing the Report

The "Deep Dive Report on Systemic Risks in the Australian Architecture Sector" is available for download on the NSW ARB website. The report provides valuable insights and recommendations for addressing systemic risks and improving outcomes across the architecture sector.

Download report

Download overview

Engage with the Findings

To facilitate understanding and engagement with the report's findings, the NSW ARB and ARBV will host a series of CPD webinars. These webinars will provide an opportunity for stakeholders to discuss the findings, share insights, and explore ways to implement the report’s recommendations.

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2024 Byera Hadley Travelling Scholarship – Applications open

The NSW Architects Registration Board invites eligible architects, graduates and students to apply for this prestigious program by 31 August 2024.

NSW ARB and ARBV publish "Deep Dive Report" on Architecture Sector Risks

New report highlights systemic risks in the Australian architecture sector and provides actionable recommendations for improvement.

2024 Architects Medallion Winner

Chloe Gesler of the University of Newcastle awarded the 2024 Architects Medallion.

The Wellbeing of Architects Symposium

The Wellbeing of Architects [education + practice] symposium marks the conclusion of a comprehensive research project, The Wellbeing of Architects: Culture, Identity and Practice (2020-2024).

NSW ARB and ARBV taking a ‘deep dive’ into systemic risks in the Australian architecture sector

The NSW ARB and ARBV are partnering on a “Deep Dive Report into Systemic Risks in the Australian Architecture Sector” using insights from focus groups conducted in 2023.

Emeritus Professor Helen Lochhead AO – 2024 Australia Day Honours

Professor Helen Lochhead, Deputy President and elected architect member of the NSW ARB Board, has been appointed an Officer of the Order of Australia (AO) in the 2024 Australia Day Honours.

NSW ARB proudly supports Sydney Opera House symposium: Concept, Innovation and Renewal

The NSW Architects Registration Board was pleased to be supporting a symposium in the Utzon Room at the Sydney Opera House on 8 November 2023. This event offered a comprehensive look into the Sydney Opera House, one of Australia’s most significant architectural achievements. 

2023 Architects Medallion winner

Samantha Rich awarded the 2023 Architect's Medallion: “Go slowly, thoughtfully, carefully, and respectfully”.

The architects elected to the Board

Outcome of the ballot for the election of 2 Architects to the Board

2022 Architects Medallion winner: Tualagi Nokise

The award gives validation to the topic of sustainable disaster relief architecture in our changing environment which acknowledges the grass roots impact and relevance of traditional technologies to the continual struggle of local communities.”

New changes to Continuing Professional Development

From 1 July 2022 the NSW Architects Registration Board is introducing changes to Continuing Professional Development (CPD) requirements for NSW architects.

2021 Architects Medallion winner: Marni Reti

“There is no reason architecture cannot contemporise Indigenous culture with the permission of Elders.”

Supporting architects

In 2021-2022, the Board continued to provide support to architects through initiatives, which included:

2020 Architects Medallion Winner: Jincheng Jiang

‘I think the most important architectural issue in New South Wales is turning our city from exclusive to inclusive.’

NSW ARB Short Form Architect Client Contract 2019

The Board is pleased to announce the launch of its Short Form Architect Client Contract 2019. The SFACC can be downloaded from the Board’s website and is a free online resource to assist architects to meet their obligations under the NSW Architects Code of Professional Conduct 2017.

NSW ARB Partners on groundbreaking study

A ground-breaking research project investigating the work-related wellbeing of architects and architecture students, has been funded in the most recent round of the Australian Research Council’s Linkage Projects scheme.

AACA Briefing Sessions on Pathways to Registration

Want to know more about the AACA’s Oversees Qualifications Assessment or Experienced Practitioner Assessment?


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