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Format for complaint submissions

To submit a complaint(s) about an architect you will need to prepare a written submission that outlines your complaint(s), including reasons and relevant details for each complaint. Any evidence relied upon should be included and referenced in the submission.

A complaint submission should consist of a covering letter and attachments. The letter should be set out as follows:

  1. Each complaint should be listed in chronological order
  2. Each complaint should refer to the particular subclause of the NSW Architects Code of Professional Conduct or subsection of the Architects Act 2003 that may have been breached
  3. Each complaint should refer to the evidence on which the allegation is based (including references to specific page numbers)
  4. Any evidence relied upon should be included and correctly referenced in the submission (with all pages numbered). Such evidence may include the agreement or fee proposal provided by your architect; relevant correspondence, emails or notes; and architectural plans and drawings, if relevant. You should set the evidence out neatly as appendices to the covering letter.

Save the covering letter and attachments as Word or PDF files and send in an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

The NSW ARB does not accept complaint submissions in hard copy format or by post.

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FACTSHEET – Making a complaint about an architect

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