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Becoming registered

The use of the title ‘architect’ in NSW is protected by the Architects Act 2003. An individual may only call themselves an ‘architect’ if they are registered on the NSW Register of Architects. There is more than one pathway to become a registered architect. See 'Pathways to registration'.

How architects are regulated

Architects have operated within a well-regulated, professional system since 1921. The regulation provided by the Architects Act 2003 and NSW Architects Code of Professional Conduct safeguards the interests of architects’ clients and the community more broadly.

Protection of ‘architect’ title

The use of the title ‘architect’ is protected by the Architects Act 2003. It is an offence to represent an individual or business entity as an architect when they are not. Significant fines apply for breaches of sections 9, 10, 11 and 12 of the Act.

Providing architectural services

The NSW Architects Code of Professional Conduct establishes the standards required of architects when engaged to provide architectural services. An architect’s failure to comply with the Code may be grounds for disciplinary action.

Fees for registration

Pathway finder

There is more than one pathway to become a registered architect. This pathway finder will assist to identify which pathway may be most appropriate.

Architectural Practice Examination (APE)

Everyone seeking registration as an architect is required to successfully complete the APE unless exempted. The APE is a 3-part competency-based assessment process. Upon successful completion you can apply for registration as an architect in NSW.

NSW Portfolio Program of Assessment (NSW PPA)

The NSW PPA is a competency based 'assessment by portfolio' process that provides an alternative pathway to registration as an architect in NSW for those who do not have an approved academic qualification in architecture.

Mutual recognition for Australian architects

All interstate architects intending to work in NSW must notify the NSW Architects Registration Board before commencing work. Both Mutual Recognition and Automatic Mutual Recognition - Automatic Deemed Registration allow interstate architects to lawfully work in NSW.

NSW ARB registration process

To become registered you must have successfully completed the Architectural Practice Examination (unless exempted) before completing the online Form 01 Application for Initial Registration as an Architect in NSW. Applications for registration are presented to the Board for endorsement at its monthly meetings.

Create an account

Every NSW architect needs an account to manage their registration. The account provides a secure platform for registration renewal, for entering CPD activities and updating PI insurance details, and for updating personal contact details and public profile.


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