NSW ARB proudly supports Sydney Opera House symposium: Concept, Innovation and Renewal

The NSW Architects Registration Board is pleased to be supporting a symposium in the Utzon Room at the Sydney Opera House on 8 November 2023. This event offers a comprehensive look into the Sydney Opera House, one of Australia’s most significant architectural achievements. 

Join us for a day of enriching architectural discourse, aimed at both elevating public awareness and fostering architect-community relations.

Why you should attend

Engage with experts as they discuss the architectural details, technological advancements, and untold narratives that have contributed to this iconic building. Understand Jørn Utzon's vision, the contributions to the interiors by the architectural profession, and the forthcoming challenges and opportunities for the Sydney Opera House.

Program overview

The symposium is divided into four sections—Concept, Innovation, Renewal, and Reflection. The agenda will include brief talks by knowledgeable speakers, panel discussions, and a closing plenary panel on future implications for the Sydney Opera House.

Professional development

In line with the NSW ARB's commitment to supporting continuing education, this event serves as a valuable educational experience for architects and the wider community. While the symposium is not a Formal CPD activity, it offers a unique opportunity to deepen your architectural knowledge and understanding.

Purchase tickets

Architects are encouraged to participate. Click here to purchase tickets and see the full program.


The symposium is co-sponsored by the NSW ARB, Australian Institute of Architects, and the Commonwealth Government’s Australian Heritage Grant program.


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