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Transfer to non-practising

Apply for non practising registration

If you have retired from practice or are not likely to be practising as an architect for the foreseeable future you may apply to transfer to the non practising category by completing online form 07 and providing the required supporting documentation. The Registrar will review your application to determine your eligibility to transfer.

To apply for this category you must previously have been on the NSW Register of Architects in the practising category.
 Non practising registration allows you to continue to use the title ‘architect’, but not to provide architectural services.


Application process


Prepare the documents required for your application:

  • completed non practising undertaking
  • letter confirming you have retired from the practice of architecture or outlining the reasons you are not likely to practise as an architect for the foreseeable future
  • supporting documentation if applicable


Click the button to complete the online application form 07

 Apply Now


The Registrar will review your application to determine your eligibility to maintain registration in the non practising category and you will be advised accordingly via email. Once approved by the Registrar, the payment link will be sent to you via email.

NSW architect registration fees for Non practising category

Registration term Fees
1 year $54
3 years $168*
5 years $290*

* Note there is no saving for 3- and 5-year terms, which factor in a year-on-year increase.


Your application will be processed after payment is received. You will be emailed a letter confirming your registration in the non practising category, together with your certificate of currency and receipt.

Transfer from non practising to practising

Non practising architects who wish to resume the provision of architectural services in NSW must complete online form 06 to apply for re-registration in the practising category.

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