We know that sometimes, disagreements become disputes if given the chance. That’s why, on 1 July 2016, the NSW Architects Registration Board will offer a new pathway to resolve disputes before they escalate. This will give homeowners and architects alike a chance to find solutions to issues quickly and without undue cost. To make this happen, we are looking for mediators with experience in small domestic residential construction and early stage architectural design to come on board.

Get on board: nominations open for 2 elected architects

The NSW Architects Registration Board (ARB) administers the Architects Act 2003, the legislation regulating architects in NSW. 

Each year, the NSW Architects Registration Board receives applications from architects for all sorts of things. It may be an application for an exemption from completing continuing professional development due to prolonged illness, surgery or personal circumstance. In some cases, applications are supported by a doctor’s certificate. In a few cases, the applications relate to mental illness.

Direct attempts at redressing gender inequity are often treated with charges of discrimination under a different heading. Undermining merit and questioning motives, a more subtle resentment and misogyny emerges. So I have agreed to out myself.
More than 500 architects were removed from the Register in NSW on 1 July, meaning some may be starting the new financial year trading in breach of the Architects Act. Much like lawyers, architects must renew their licence to practice each year. While the cost of registration varies across each State and Territory, NSW charges the lowest registration fee of any mainland State at just $250.00 in the practising category.

How does the Architects Act work? What’s the Board’s role in compliance and enforcement? How does it apply to architects? How does it apply to non-architects? How does the complaints process work? What are strategies to avoid complaints in the first place? What does the evidence show?

This year’s Architects Medallion goes to Georgia Forbes-Smith from the University of Sydney. Her final project take us to from the outer limits of human aspiration (understanding the cosmos) to the minutia of everyday human existence – in equal measure.
Daring design with big ideas is needed to lift our cities and suburbs out of the everyday, says Milly Brigden from the NSW Architects Registration Board in awarding the 2016 Architects Medallion. Chloe Yuen, graduate of the University of Technology, Sydney, was announced the winner of the 2016 Architects Medallion last night by Milly Brigden, board member with the NSW Architects Registration Board.

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