1, 3 and 5-year registration terms for architects

Section 17(A) of the Architects Act 2003 allows an architect to nominate a 1, 3 or 5-year term for registration.

Registration may commence at any point in time and continues for a fixed-term as nominated by the architect (unless cancelled sooner). Refer to Section 50 of the Licensing and Regulation (Uniform Procedures) Act 2002.


From 1 June 2023 all renewal fees for Practising and Non-Practising architects will increase by 3.5%.  Renewal fees from 1 June 2023 are:

Practising Architect

1 year renewal$335
3 year renewal$1,045*
5 year renewal$1,800*

Non-practising Architect

1 year renewal$52
3 year renewal$162*
5 year renewal$280*

* Note there is no saving for 3 and 5-year terms, which factor in a 3.5% year-on-year increase.

Late renewal of registration

If an architect’s application for renewal of registration is received after the due date but within three months of expiration, the architect can pay, in addition to the annual renewal fee, a $150 restoration fee and the registration will be backdated to allow for continuity of registration. If the application for renewal of registration is received more than three months after expiration, a $250 restoration fee will apply in addition to the annual renewal fee.

Checklist for renewing your registration

1. Continuing Professional Development (CPD)

Ensure you have met your CPD obligations for the last registration term before renewing your registration. Login to your account to enter your CPD activities directly into MyCPD.

Login to your account

Note: Non-Practising architects are exempt from CPD requirements.

For the 2022-2023 reporting period, Practising architects should undertake a minimum of 20 hours of CPD, of which at least 10 hours must be Formal CPD activity. At least 3 hours of the 10 hours of Formal CPD completed each year must address mandatory topics. You must complete at least 1 hour annually for each of the following mandatory topics: 

(1) Understanding and respecting Country 

(2) Sustainability, life cycle assessment and whole life carbon, and 

(3) National Construction Code. 

In certain circumstances you may be eligible to request a pro-rata reduction or exemption from the CPD requirements. Refer to the CPD Factsheet for more information.

CPD Factsheet

Under Section 24(2)(g) of the Architects Act 2003, the Board may remove an architect’s name from the NSW Register of Architects if the architect fails to comply with requirements relating to CPD.

2. Professional Indemnity (PI) Insurance

Ensure you are continuing to maintain a level of PI insurance that is appropriate to the architectural services you are providing. 

Note: Non-practising architects are exempt from the PI Insurance requirement.

To renew your registration, you need to

  • Make a declaration relating to PI insurance
  • Enter particulars about your PI insurance policy such as the name of the insured, limit of liability/cover amount, insurance provider, professional services/occupation covered, and policy expiry date, and
  • Upload a copy of the PI insurance Certificate(s) of Currency.

Architects covered by more than one PI Insurance policy must upload Certificates of Currency for all policies.

Additionally, outside of the renewal process, you are required to provide to the NSW ARB within 14 days of expiry of any PI insurance policy, the details of each new policy.

If you believe you may be eligible for an exemption from PI insurance, submit an undertaking and a letter confirming your circumstances in relation to your exemption request. Refer to the PI Insurance Factsheet for more information.

PI Insurance Factsheet

Under Section 24(2)(h) of the Architects Act 2003, the Board may remove an architect’s name from the NSW Register of Architects if the architect fails to comply with requirements relating to PI Insurance.

3. Confirm your business entity type and enter your ABN / ACN

To assist the NSW ARB with monitoring compliance with sections 10, 11 and 27 of the Architects Act 2003, Practising architects are required to:

  • state their current business entity type as recorded on the Australian Business Register (eg. Company, Trust, Partnership, Sole Trader or Other such as a university or government agency), and
  • enter the applicable Australian Business Number (ABN) and Australian Company Number (ACN) (if applicable).

4. Confirm your personal details are up to date

All architects, nominated architects and architect corporations and firms are required to ensure that their personal details are correct and up to date on the NSW Register of Architects and List of Architect Corporations and Firms.

To update your personal details, login to your account.

Login to your account

Under section 29(1) of the Architects Act 2003, an architect has only 14 days to advise the NSW ARB of any change in particulars. Under section 29(2), an architect corporation or firm has only 7 days to advise the NSW ARB if their nominated architect ceases to be responsible for the provision of architectural services or there are any other changes in the business details.

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