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Change. Architecture. Discuss is a project that explores the future of architecture and the built environment in NSW and beyond.

Next generation showcase: graduating exhibitions

Since 2009, the Board has been proud to support the graduating students’ end of year exhibition at each of the four schools of architecture in NSW. These exhibitions are an important meeting point for students and their families, university lecturers, program directors and researchers, and the profession itself. It's an important milestone in the cultural life of the architectural community. 

Research & innovation

As an independent statutory authority, the Board seeks to model an evidence-based approach to advising government and the community on architectural issues. We know design, architecture and the built environment are a significant part of the NSW economy so how do we make the most of our investment in the long term shape and character of our state?

MADE by the Opera House

A 10 year commitment that celebrates the 40th Anniversary of Sydney Opera House and the special bond between Australia and Denmark that began with Jørn Utzon’s visionary design of the Opera House.

Registering Architects

Architects are skilled and experienced professionals. In order to be registered with the NSW Architects Registration Board, a person must have the prescribed university qualification in architecture, or other qualifications that the Board deems equivalent.

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2023 Architects Medallion winner

Samantha Rich awarded the 2023 Architect's Medallion: “Go slowly, thoughtfully, carefully, and respectfully”.

Notice of ballot for election of two architects to the Board

More than two nominations have been received for the election of two architects to the NSW Architects Registration Board.

New changes to Continuing Professional Development

From 1 July 2022 the NSW Architects Registration Board is introducing changes to Continuing Professional Development (CPD) requirements for NSW architects.

Notice of election 2022 – call for nominations

The NSW Architects Registration Board consists of 11 members, including 2 architects who are elected by architects.

2021 Architects Medallion winner: Marni Reti

“There is no reason architecture cannot contemporise Indigenous culture with the permission of Elders.”

2020 Architects Medallion Winner: Jincheng Jiang

‘I think the most important architectural issue in New South Wales is turning our city from exclusive to inclusive.’

2022 Architects Medallion winner: Tualagi Nokise

The award gives validation to the topic of sustainable disaster relief architecture in our changing environment which acknowledges the grass roots impact and relevance of traditional technologies to the continual struggle of local communities.”

Landmark study of architecture education

The AACA invites architects to take part in Focus Groups for a landmark study of architectural education in Australia.

AACA Launches National Survey of Architectural Education

The Architects Accreditation Council of Australia has launched the second phase of its major survey of architectural education and the profession in Australia and New Zealand, with the support of all architectural stakeholder organisations in Australia and New Zealand.

The Internet of Things in Public Space - Nicola Balch

Byera Hadley Travelling Scholar Nicola Balch has been researching the role and impact of the Internet of Things (IoT) in public spaces around the world, and reports on her findings just as Sydney is radically rethinking its public spaces and infrastructure.

Tokyo Infill, a subdivided city - James Masman

After walking over 200km in 3 weeks, Byera Hadley Travelling Scholar James Masman shares his fresh insights about the unique character of Tokyo streets, and questions if innovative planning policy might be the secret behind these fascinating spaces.

Re-Imagining Mosques - Ryan Wazir

Byera Hadley Travelling Scholar, Ryan Wazir, sheds light on his current research that explores the opportunity for architecture and urban design to re-imagine contemporary design approaches to mosques, and continues an important conversation on how these disciplines can foster inclusivity, interfaith and intercultural dialogue.

Meet Eric Ye. A profile of the 2018 Architects Medallion winner

The Architects Medallion is awarded each year to a graduate of the Master of Architecture course from an approved school in NSW who has achieved distinction generally throughout the final two years of the course. We sat down with this year's winner, Eric Ye.

Balancing private gain with public interest - Georgia Forbes-Smith

Winner of the 2017 Architects Medallion, Georgia Forbes-Smith reflects on architecture's 'Sydney moment' - and the challenge of balancing private gain and public interest 

NSW ARB joins Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Architects Scholarship Program

The NSW Architects Registration Board will partner with the University of Technology, Sydney, to mentor up to 10 Indigenous students studying Architecture at UTS over five years as part of the remarkable new Droga Indigenous Architecture Scholarship.

Meet The 2018 NSW Architects Medallion Finalists

The Board has awarded the Architects Medallion since 1924 to a graduate of the Master of Architecture course from a school in New South Wales, who has achieved distinction both in a particular subject area at final level and generally throughout the last two years of the course.

The winner of the 2018 NSW Architects Medallion will be announced on 29 March 2018. Meet the finalists below:

Modernism on show highlights new paths to architecture

A new exhibition on European architects in post war Australia explores the contribution made by immigrants who were welcomed to a foreign land with new rules. “The Moderns: European Designers In Sydney” opened at the Museum of Sydney in July and will run until November 2017 thanks to Sydney Living Museums.

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