Architectural Practice Examination (APE) - How to Apply Online

If you intend to apply for the APE in 2022, we encourage you to attend the following webinars, hosted by the Board:

APE Part 3 Candidate Briefing - Tuesday 3 May 5.30 - 7.00pm Register here.

APE Part 1 & 2 Candidate Briefing - Tuesday 7 June 5.30pm - 7.00pm Register here.

APE Part 3 Candidate Briefing - Tuesday 11 October 5.30pm - 7.00pm Register here.

Read the APE Part 1 & 2 Guide before you apply online.

The AACA Architectural Practice Examination (APE) is a nationally consistent three-part competency-based assessment process. APE applications are open two seasons per year. All candidates seeking registration as an architect in Australia are required to successfully complete the APE unless exempted through an eligible overseas assessment process or the Experienced Practitioner Assessment. To learn more about the competencies read the NSW ARB National Standard of Competency Guide.

APE Part 1 – Assessment of Eligibility

Candidates submit their Log Book (download the AACA logbook here), Statement of Practical Experience and supporting documents which demonstrate their experience in architecture and activities they have undertaken. A 'Pass' in Part 1 is a condition of admission to Part 2.

For more information on how to apply read the AACA's Procedure for Candidates.

For more information on how to fill out your logbook read the AACA's How To Logbook Guide.


APE Part 2 – National Examination Paper (NEP)

In 2021 both sessions of the 2021 National Examination Paper will be delivered via a remote proctored platform.

The AACA and the Architect Registration Boards agree that this format for the NEP will facilitate national consistency of application of the NEP in 2021 given the ongoing COVID 19 situation.

See here for more information on online remote proctoring and here for the answers to the most Frequently Asked Questions.

The NEP is a computer-based 1-hour ‘closed book’ scenario-style exam conducted simultaneously by all registration boards twice a year. Candidates can only undertake Part 2 in the same jurisdiction where they submitted for Part 1. A 'Pass' in Part 2 is a condition of admission to Part 3.

APE Part 3 – Examination by Interview

This stage confirms, through a face to face interview, that the candidate has demonstrated adequate knowledge and/or experience against the National Standard of Competency for Architects sufficient to satisfy the requirements for registration. Interviews are conducted by two examiners. If successful, the Board will invite the candidate to apply for registration.

Click here to apply for the APE 


Part 1 and 2 $525
Part 2 only* $245
Part 3 $435

 *applicable only within 12 months of initial application.

Part 1 & 2 Architectural Practice Examination

The next round of applications will open on Monday 10 January 2022, and close at 5pm on Friday 21 January 2022.

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2022 Architectural Practice Examination Timetable

SESSION 1 2022

SESSION 2 2022

PART 1 & 2
Application Dates

Open Monday 10 January 2022
Close 5pm Friday 21 January 2022

Open  27 June 2022
Close 5pm Friday 8 July 2022

National Examination Paper
(by remote online delivery)

Tuesday 12 April 2022

Tuesday 13 September

Application Dates

Open Monday 16 May 2022
Close 5pm Friday 27 May 2022

Open Monday 17 October 2022
Close 5pm Friday 28 October 2022

Examination by Interview

June 2022

November 2022

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