Introduction of 1, 3 and 5 year rolling registration

Changes to the Architects Act 2003 effective from 1 July 2020 include the introduction of section 17(A), allowing an architect to nominate a one, three or five-year term for registration and providing for rolling registration commencing at any point in time and not expiring until one, three or five years later.  These changes are set out in

Schedule 2.1 to the Fair Trading Legislation Amendment (Reform) Act 2018. 

The purpose of the new government reforms is to achieve consistency and reduce business costs. Further, having rolling renewals instead of an anniversary date is intended to spread the administrative workload of registration renewals throughout the year, and to be fairer for newly registered architects who get a full year’s registration from their first fee.


Renewal fees for 2020 are:

Practising Architect

Renewal for one year     $285
(unchanged from 2019)

Renewal for three years $945*

Renewal for five years   $1,740*

* Note there is no saving for 3 and 5-year terms

Non-practising Architect

Renewal for one year     $50
(unchanged from 2019)

Late renewal of registration

If an architect’s application for renewal of registration is received after the due date but within three months of expiration, the architect can pay, in addition to the annual renewal fee, a $150 restoration fee and the registration will be backdated to allow for continuity of registration.

For a detailed checklist for renewing your registration, click below

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Non-practising or deregistered architects who now wish to be reinstated to full registration on the Register of Architects must complete the below form and comply with the prescribed conditions for application. 

Conditions on re-registration as a practising architect may apply depending on how long you have been in the non-practising category:

0-3 years: Automatic processing of application.

3-5 years: Application to be accompanied by a current CV showing work and a record of CPD. You
may be required to attend a refresher course in professional practice, and may be required to attend
an interview at the discretion of the Registrar if your record isn't current.

5+ years: As above but likely to be required to attend a refresher course in professional practice within
3 months of restoration to the register or registration, and be required to attend an interview unless
otherwise advised by the Registrar.


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