Re-registration and Renewals


If an architect has not been registered in New South Wales for a period of time and now wish to have his or her name reinstated to full registration on the Register of Architects, the architect must complete this form and comply with the prescribed conditions for application. 




Registration is renewed annually. Architects pay an annual registration fee each year to maintain their registration.  Non-payment of the registration fee results in suspension of registration.  Upon renewal, the architect receives a Statement of Currency which shows the individual's registration number and verifies the status as an architect registered in NSW.

The registration status of a person can be checked by logging on to the Board’s website or by contacting the Board’s office. The full name of a registered person is included on the Register of Architects, together with the person's registered address and date of enrolment.

The Register is published annually, in printed and electronic formats.

Corporations and firms nominate at least one architect responsible for the provision of architectural services.

Each year at annual renewal of registration architects are required to report on their Continuing Professional Development (CPD) activities in the previous year.  

The Board considers that 20 hours of activities of which at least 10 hours are formal should be the minimum amount of activity undertaken by an architect in each year. 

Annual registration renewal is due on 30 June each year. Architects can login to an online facility to renew registration and submit their CPD records. 

More information about Continuing Professional Development (CPD)