The NSW Architects Registration Board works to promote a better understanding of architectural issues in the community by connecting the public, students, architects and others with information about architecture, design and the world around us. We prepare teaching aids and resources for schools, sponsor and support exhibitions and events, and award scholarships.

Byera Hadley Travelling Scholarships

Byera Hadley's bequest is Australia's most prestigious and sustained gift of its type; resulting in more than $3m being granted to over 160 architects, students and graduates since 1951. Byera Hadley Travelling Scholarships promote travel and research in cities and communities around the world. Scholars return to share their research with colleagues, Councils and communities.

Story of an architectural project

You might be thinking of renovating or designing from scratch. Where do you start? What's involved in preparing a brief, setting a budget or planning for a renovation? What’s really involved in working with an architect? Is it worth it? How do you source a builder and how do you know when the price is right?

Consumer FAQs

Is it important to use a ‘registered' architect?

The use of the title ‘architect' is protected by law. Only people registered with the NSW Architects Registration Board may use the title.

What level of fees can I expect to pay for the services of an architect?

Architects' fees are subject to open market competition. There is no central fee control system.

Sydney Architecture Festival

Sydney Architecture Festival

Since it started in 2007, around 40,000 Sydneysiders have taken part in events, talks and exhibitions on design, architecture and the built environment thanks to the Sydney Architecture Festival.

When is the Festival?

When is the Festival?

The Festival runs for 4 days in October - from some of Sydney's most iconic public buildings to some of its newest public space – we explore the ideas behind and beyond architecture through exhibitions, installations, kid’s activities, forums, talks and tours.

Protecting the Consumer

The NSW Architects Registration Board is a statutory authority responsible for registering architects, approving architectural education, conducting enquiries into the conduct of architects, investigating misuse of the title Architect and promoting a better understanding of architectural matters in the community.

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  • 01 Working With Your Architect - Consumer Guide

    Completing a successful building project will happen partly because you had a good working relationship with your architect. This article describes what architects do for their clients, and gives you some advice about how to work best with your architect.

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  • 02 Register of Disciplinary Actions Against Architects

    The Board is tasked by the Architects Act to ensure that architects provide services to the public in a professional and competent manner, and to provide mechanisms to discipline architects who are found to have acted unprofessionally or incompetently.

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  • 03 Complaints procedures and hearings

    The Board operates a fair, effective and open complaints procedure. It has guidelines for individuals who wish to make a complaint against an architect, or against a person inaccurately representing, or representing another, as an architect.

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  • 04 Accessing Alternative Dispute Resolution

    The Board’s Complaints process is an effective mechanism to investigate architects who may have acted in an unprofessional or incompetent manner.

    However the Board regularly receives calls from people seeking advice on issues that may be currently unfolding on site, or which are at a critical phase where early and prompt action can assist.

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Design a new Architects Medallion

Ninety three years after it was first awarded, we want to find a new 'Architects Medallion'. Download the competition brief and submit your design in February 2018.

Boom sends costs through the roof

At an event explaining changes to the Architects Regulation held at the NSW Chapter last week, an audience question probed an architect’s duty to provide cost advice to their clients. It echoed a recent complaint heard by the Board. Most in the room agreed that architects are generalists and not experts, and so could never be expected to have current market pricing at call.

Building the debate: A recap on the first ARB OPEN Salon on Standards

The NSW Architects Registration Board recognises that the National Standard of Competency for Architects (NSCA) is fundamental to a number of our statutory functions: it extends to the accreditation of architectural programs, all pathways to registration, and the ongoing learning of architects.

Speaking up for aspiring architects

To mark 2017 International Women's Day, we asked 2016 Architects Medallion winner, Chloe Yuen, to set out in her own words some of the issues she sees most relevant in architectural practice.

As the recipient of the 2016 NSW Architects Medallion and one of many recent Architecture Graduates in NSW, I would like to take this opportunity to share my own thoughts on three issues that should concern us, and inspire us to evolve architecture in Australia:

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