Re-registration as an Architect


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When to use this form :

  • if your name was removed from the Register of Architects in New South Wales and you now wish to have your name reinstated to the Register as practising architect (see policy*) or
  • if you were on the non-practising status and now wish to transfer to practising status (see policy*) or
  • if you wish to be reinstated to the NSW Register but have retired from practice or are not likely to be practising as an architect for the foreseeable future

* Re-Registration Policy as practising architect

  • 0-3 years: automatic processing of application
  • 3-5 years: application to be accompanied by a current CV showing work and a record of CPD. You may be required to attend a refresher course in professional practice, and may be required to attend an interview at the discretion of the Registrar if your record isn't current.
  • 5+ years: as above but likely to be required to attend a refresher course in professional practice within 3 months of restoration to the register and be required to attend an interview unless otherwise advised by the Registrar. Interviews will be scheduled to coincide with the APE Part 3 Examination by Interview. Interview fees will apply. Interviews can be arranged outside Examination timetable for an additional fee.
Please complete the registration process by using these 6 steps

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Step2:Update Contact Details Not Completed
Step3:Category & Options Not Completed
Step4:Review & Declaration Not Completed
Finish:Re-Registration Completion Not Completed


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