This resource is aimed at aspiring architects and members of the public who are interested in knowing more about what an architect does. The resource provides a broad picture of the diverse roles architects have within the profession, capturing examples from a range of age groups, office models, and areas of expertise.

What does an Architect do?

Building connections: Transforming the Local is a multi-layered resource aimed at supporting the teaching of architecture units as part of Visual Arts courses in Stages 4 and 5. This resource can be used for Stage 5 Visual Design and Stage 5 Photography and Digital Media.

Building Connections is a multi layered resource aimed at supporting the teaching of architecture units as part of the Visual Arts Syllabus Stage 6. It is divided into 3 parts – the frames, conceptual framework and practice, and focuses on the architecture of six art galleries and museums. It explores the connections between architecture and other art forms, investigating ideas and themes through images, text, artmaking activities and links to other information.

In this 10-13 week unit, students will study a local neighbourhood and consider how it meets the needs of the community. They will explore its development and how it has changed over time. They will consider issues of the conservation and preservation of any significant local historical and/or cultural features.

This resource encourages students to explore their local neighbourhood and consider sustainability, aesthetic, cultural, safety and functional issues facing our community now and in the future.

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