Sydney Architecture Festival

About the Festival

Since it started in 2007, around 40,000 Sydneysiders have taken part in events, talks and exhibitions on design, architecture and the built environment thanks to the Sydney Architecture Festival. The Festival aims to transform the public’s experience of architecture and design, by connecting people to place, through public celebration and engagement. It’s about understanding Sydney and imagining the future of our city through the environment we choose to design, plan and build around us.

In 2016, the Festival was delivered by the NSW Architects Registration Board in partnership with the NSW Office of the Government Architect to mark 200 years of public architecture in NSW. 

2016 SAF 059

When is the Festival?


For 4 days in October - from some of Sydney's most iconic public buildings to some of its newest public space – we explore the ideas behind and beyond architecture through exhibitions, installations, kid’s activities, forums, talks and tours. The Festival is timed to coincide with the first Monday in October - which is World Architecture Day.

Global 1:1 - how much space do we really need to live well?

This ambitious installation connected six global cities in a common question that spanned Sydney, San Francisco, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Copenhagen, Delft and London!

Does apartment living measure up the same way here as it does in London or Hong Kong or New York? We wanted to know how private space around the world measures up. So, working with HASSELL, Urban Growth NSW and Committee for Sydney, we taped out what personal and public space means in different places.

Check out the video of what this international collaboration was all about here.

2016 SAF 069

SUPERMODELS: Architects of Tomorrow

Working with BVN and the guys from University of Sydney's Design Lab, 25 'Architects of Tomorrow' aged 8-12 had their chance to learn the secrets behind contemporary design with a hands-on event in the open air that got them making and modifying a house originally designed by James Grose. Behind the gorgeous kit presented to each child was a world of digital fabrication technology you can check out here.


Indy Johar delivers 2016 World Architecture Day - #SydArchFest Global Oration

We think Sydney is the first truly global city to wake up to each new day, so it makes sense that we would be the first to celebrate World Architecture Day on Monday, 3 October. World Architecture Day is timed to coincide with World Habitat Day - reminding us of the intimate connection between the natural and built world.

The UK's Indy Johar delivered the 2nd Sydney Architecture Festival Global Oration in an address titled Rethinking Smart Cities. 


Stories of Home exhibition

Thanks to the Sydney-based architects of One Central Park, PTW, the 'Stories of Home' exhibition animated the festival hub space and shared a timeline of growth and development in Sydney's urban form. 

2016 SAF 102