Sydney Architecture Festival

About the Festival

Since it started in 2007, around 40,000 Sydneysiders have taken part in events, talks and exhibitions on design, architecture and the built environment thanks to the Sydney Architecture Festival. The Festival aims to transform the public’s experience of architecture and design, by connecting people to place, through public celebration and engagement. It’s about understanding Sydney and imagining the future of our city through the environment we choose to design, plan and build around us.

In 2016, the Festival was delivered by the NSW Architects Registration Board in partnership with the NSW Office of the Government Architect to mark 200 years of public architecture in NSW. This year, the Festival will run 29 September - 2 October 2017.


When is the Festival?


For 4 days in October - from some of Sydney's most iconic public buildings to some of its newest public space – we explore the ideas behind and beyond architecture through exhibitions, installations, kid’s activities, forums, talks and tours. The Festival is timed to coincide with the first Monday in October - which is World Architecture Day.

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