Architects Learning Groups

Architecture has always been a team effort. An Architects' Learning Group is a group of architects who have come together for the purpose of shared learning. If the Group follows the guidelines produced by the Board, participants in the Group's activities can claim formal CPD hours. Participation is voluntary and Groups are organised by architects themselves. Groups may form on the basis of location, or shared interests. Each Learning Group should identify an 'Administrator' to complete the Form and submit it to the Board.

How much time will I have to commit to the Group?

The number of times a Group meets each year is entirely the decision of members of the Group. For example, if a Learning Group comprises 5 individuals, each member of the Group may elect to present a session each - meeting 5 times over the year. The session must be formal CPD – that is, there must be some form of significant interaction, such as a case study, included in the presentation. If each session is one hour, then each member of the group could claim 3 hours of formal CPD (2 hours preparation time and 1 hour for developing a presentation), plus 1 hour for each session attended as a participant.

How do I record my participation in a Learning Group?

The Board provides the opportunity for each Learning Group to be listed with the Board. Each Group member will keep their own records for a minimum of 5 years.  Each Presenter in an Architects' Learning Group should file and record their own materials and forward a copy of this to the participants for their own CPD records.

What is the process for establishing a Learning Group?

Participation in Architects Learning Groups is voluntary and Groups are organised by architects themselves. Groups may form on the basis of location, specific interests, and so forth. Each Group should agree to ‘elect’ the Administrator for the Group. The Administrator’s role is simply to complete the Architect Learning Group Registration Form – see attached – and submit it to the Board once the Group is formed. Each member of the Learning Group will record their participation in the Group on their Record of CPD activity that should be maintained and kept for a minimum of five years.

Once you have identified the participants in your Group you should decide how many times per year you will meet and who will be responsible for preparing and presenting sessions for the Group. Each presenter is responsible for keeping a record of the planning and presentation of the session for the session he/she prepares, but does not send in these documents to the Board unless requested to do so. Members of the Group will be responsible for recording their own participation in each session on their own record of CPE/CPD activities.


What is the purpose of CPD?

The purpose of CPD is to maintain and enhance professional knowledge and skills throughout an architect's career. Architects each year must take all reasonable steps to maintain and improve the skills and knowledge necessary for the provision of the architectural services that the architect normally provides. The Board has deemed that architects must undertake a minimum of 20 hours of CPD in each registration year, of which 10 hours must be formal.

CPD must relate to the National Standard of Competency for Architects NSCA - Design, Documentation, Project Management and Practice Management; and must be in addition to activities already undertaken in the normal course of the architect's practice or employment. 


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