Renewing your Registration in June 2019

The annual registration renewal has now closed. All architects registered in NSW were required to renew their registration for the year ahead in June.

Throughout June, architects can login to their accounts to renew their registration, update their personal information, move to the non-practising category or renew their registration as a practising architect.

Login here to check your details now.

Renewals close at midnight on Sunday, 30 June 2019.

In 2019 the annual renewal fee for architects in the practising category will increase to $285. It has been three years since the annual renewal fee for NSW Practising architects was last reviewed by the Board.  This year’s fee increase of $35 will bring the NSW fee in line with equivalent east coast states – with the fee in Victoria and Queensland being $289.  The fee increase is necessary to provide the Board with sufficient operating funds to:

  • Meet significantly increased government compliance requirements;
  • Address increased regulatory challenges in the sector; and
  • Provide expanded services to consumers of architectural services and architects.

Notably, the Board will soon be publishing a new Short Form Client Architect Agreement that will be available online for the benefit of all architects and consumers. This is currently in its final stages of development and will be published in the new financial year.

Here's our checklist to ensure you're ready for the 2019-2020 year:

If you're a practising architect:

Have you completed 20 hours of CPD, including 10 hours of Formal CPD?

  • Be ready to upload your CPD Activity Record, or
  • Download the ARB Open App to save you time, or
  • Log in to your account to enter CPD directly.

Please note that Disciplinary action can result from failure to demonstrate compliance with CPD requirements.

Is your Professional Indemnity Insurance up to date?

  • Be ready to upload evidence of your PI Insurance.

Have you logged in to your account recently to confirm your details are correct on the Register?

Please note that Section 29 (a) gives architects only 14 days to advise of any change in particulars.

Additionally, if you're a Nominated Architect:

Have you logged in to your account recently to confirm your details are correct on the Register?

Please note that Section 29 (b) of the Act gives architects just 7 days to advise of any changes in particulars.

If you're planning extended time off work to care for a parent or partner or children, are retiring, or planning not to practise for the foreseeable future:

Have you considered transferring to the non-practising category?

Please note if you have been in the practising category for the 2018-2019 you will still be required to submit your CPD record for the year.

If you have any queries about renewing your registration, consult our Renewals page or contact the Board.

Architects will receive six reminders before renewals close at midnight on Sunday, 30 June. On 1 July, the Board is required by the Act to remove any architect from the Register who has not re-registered.

Architects who fail to renew before midnight on Sunday will be automatically removed overnight from the Register.  Don’t get caught out!  A restoration fee of $150 applies.


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