Registration renewals will be faster in 2018 thanks to the ARB OPEN App

Each year on 1 June, architects registered in NSW are required to renew their registration for the year ahead and each year we think we do a little better at streamlining the online procedure.

For most architects, it’s likely to take less than 4 minutes out of your day. And since it's now online, you can do it anywhere in the world.

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This year - if you’ve already logged your 20 hours of CPD on the ARB OPEN App - you’ll skip these questions and jump ahead. Of course, you’ll still be able to upload a CPD Activity Record, or you can enter CPD directly in to your profile on the Register. Simply log in to your account.

Make sure you’re good to go on 1 June with our checklist:

  1. Log in to your account to confirm your details are up to date and add links to your public profile (Section 29 (a) gives architects just 14 days to advise of any change in particulars or risk an $1,100 fine).

  2. If you're a Nominated Architect, check your company details are correct on the Register (Section 29 (b) gives companies just 7 days to advise of any change in particulars or risk a $5,500 fine).

  3. Make sure people can find you! If you can't find your company listed, chances are you forgot to ask for your company details to be published. It's only a small annual fee of $120 to be listed publicly. Click here for more info.

  4. If you’re planning extended time off to care for a parent, partner or child; if you plan to retire, or plan not to practise for the foreseeable future, consider transferring to the non-practising category this June.

Architects will receive six reminders before registrations close on 30 June. On 1 July, the Board is required by the Act to remove any architect from the Register who has not re-registered. A restoration fee of $150 applies after this date.


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