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Get on board: nominations open for 2 elected architects

The NSW Architects Registration Board (ARB) administers the Architects Act 2003, the legislation regulating architects in NSW. 


The Board comprises 11 members, including;

1. The immediate past president of the NSW Chapter of the Australian Institute of Architects

2. The NSW Government Architect 

3. One architect who is an academic and who teaches architects at one of the four schools of architecture in NSW

4. Two architects elected by architects

5. An architect appointed by the Minister, who the Minister thinks will represent the interests of practising architects (and who is not an office holder in any Australian architectural industry organization)

6. A person appointed by the Minister who will represent the views of home owners 

7. A person appointed by the Minister who has particular knowledge of the views of local government in respect of the quality of buildings

8. A person appointed by the Minister with expertise in the property development industry

9. A person appointed by the Minister who is a legal practitioner with expettis ein building and construction law

10. One person appointed by the Minister with expetrtise in the building industry


The Board's key role is to protect consumers of architectural services by ensuring that architects provide services to the public in a professional and competent manner, disciplining architects who have acted unprofessionally or incompetently, accrediting architectural qualifications for the purpose of registration,  informing the public about the qualifications and competence of individuals or organisations holding themselves out as architects, and promoting a better understanding of architectural issues in the community. 

To learn more about the dates, or to download the nomination forms and candidate information, head to the NSW Electoral Commission site

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