Complaints and Conduct Forum

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How does the Architects Act work? What’s the Board’s role in compliance and enforcement? How does it apply to architects? How does it apply to non-architects? How does the complaints process work? What are strategies to avoid complaints in the first place? What does the evidence show?

We explored these questions and more us at the launch of a new mediation pathway that promises to resolve issues between homeowners and their architects sooner, and provide another choice beyond lodging a complaint. 

For those who missed the event;

LISTEN to the audio from the event on our SoundCloud site.

DOWNLOAD the event primer - Better pathways to resolve disputes sooner.pdf.

Featuring presentations, followed by a panel discussion with Matt Curll, Legal Member; Natalise Sullivan, Planned Cover; Dr Philip Briggs, Chair, Senior Counsellor; and Robyn Bailey, NSW ARB Mediator.

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